Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2015

Last Tango in Halifax didn't last

Grausiges Wortspiel in der Überschrift. Aber es passt - leider.
Ich habe die Serie nach der 4. Folge der 3. Series zu Grabe getragen, denn gewöhnliche TV-Dramen gibt es genug.
Es ist schade, dass sie das Besondere der Serie mit der Begründung rausgenommen haben, weil dadurch andere Beziehungen erneuert werden könnten.
Okay, meine Beziehung zur Serie haben sie damit gelöst.

Hier folgen noch diverse Links diverser Artikel, die sich mit dem Thema der dritten Staffel auseinander setzen.

  • ‘Last Tango in Halifax’ Season 3 Episode 5 review

    Zitate aus den Kommentaren:

    Ceta: "The acting is superb. The writing (dialogue) generally good. The plot has become a bore. (...)"

    Lynnette Jones: "(...) SW has lost the plot totally. This is rapidly descending into bad soap territory. No series 4! As much as I adore SL, she is way better than this show is becoming."
  • Last Tango in Halifax, review: Can we ever really move on from Kate?

    Zitat aus den Kommentaren:

    patricia105: "No, we can't ever really move on from Kate. Sally Wainwright's decision to kill a much loved character, was a huge misjudgement. This show has lost its magic."
  • Last Tango in Halifax series 3 -review: A thankful return to form as we're hit with some believable drama

    Ein paar Kommentare zum Review:

    iconic_platonic: Well, it's nice that someone thinks that the fans weren't disserviced.
    Unfortunately SW 'got back on form' by trotting out the final part of the Tired Lesbian Trope Trifecta: Dead Lesbian (to go with Pregnant Lesbian and Lesbian Who Sleeps With A Man). It's tired, it's boring, and it does a massive disservice to lesbian fans of the show who have seen the same thing on every other show with a lesbian storyline. I'm sure most straight women watching won't even notice it and will just swoon over the bitter drama of it, but LTIF lost some viewers tonight, ones they probably should have been trying hardest to make happy.

    patricia105: Please don't generalise. I'm a straight fan and am utterly devastated with Sally Wainwright's decision to kill our beloved Kate. As much as I love the character of Caroline, it was the chemistry between Caroline and Kate which drew me to the show. I really can't tell you how gutted I am. Kate was my favourite character. With the exception of Caroline, Sally Wainwright could have killed any other character and I would have been fine. She has ruined the show for me. I will not continue to watch. Shame on you, Sally!

    salhyde: I think it is easy for heterosexual people to see all the drama and beautiful acting without noticing the importance of these characters for a marginalized community. When I grew up there were no images of gayness or lesbians on TV. I knew none in my life either, so needless to say navigating a world where people like me were invisible was difficult and confusing. Now middle aged I still enjoy, and I think NEED to see images of my life reflected on TV. LTIH did this until today. Middle aged, lesbian parent, mother who has never said she was proud of who I was, watching siblings marry breed and be accepted and celebrated. I wondered if my mother in the UK might watch this and think through how things have been for me in life (I think Celia was based on her - surely?lol). What an opportunity or opportunities missed in the name of pandering to the need for BAFTAs and ratings is my guess. Poor show Sally Wainwright. I hope she fesses up and admits her mistake publicly. No season 4 for me, thanks!